Sunday, January 30, 2011

Camana Bay Grand Cayman Island Mosaic


The use of mosaics in the Town Centre at Camana Bay is one of the most stunning pieces of art installation I have ever seen. The glass tiles themselves are imported Bisazza Venetian glass tiles from Vicenza, Italy made in 114 colors. The artists who designed and installed the pieces used hand cutting tools to create the pieces.

The Observation Tower

The location of these stunning mosaics illustrates the beauty of marine life and reef formations. The observation tower stands four stories high and each floor depicts a different scene.
Included here are some details shots to show the intricate work involved!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowy Horses

Rick and I spent the morning with the dogs on a nice hike through our snowy woods. We always have high hopes that will tire the dogs out but that never really happens! I bought an inexpensive camera for my trip tomorrow to the Cayman's so we drove out to the barn to get shots of our woolley horses. This is one of the first days in several weeks there has even been a glimpse of sunshine. Of course, all the barn dogs arrived in great energy thinking we might take them riding with us.

Monday, January 10, 2011


The Dog Family

So after Christmas, we have adopted yet another dog. I think it was actually a trick since the dog was being fostered by our friend Sheryl. Then she asked us to watch him for the weekend and Rick (not me) decided we needed to keep him. The adjustment took about a day and now Moses is thrilled to have yet another chew toy that is much smaller than he is now.

Thank goodness we bought a King sized bed and have a decent sized is now strewn with blue rubber bears and pink rubber pigs that are missing ears, tails and even some legs. Each dog has their own bed but Gullliver (the new one) still tries to sneak up during the night. Still, I am glad we have the room in our home and hearts for another rescue!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Moses Inspires My Watercolors

Believe it or not, these watercolors actually started before we bought the rubber pink pig that Moses is so enamoured with at this time. It seems I missed the California Needlepoint show with Amanda Lawford, but these may make it another show and probably on Amanda Lawford Artworks! Stay tuned.....

Moses Falls in Love with a Pink Piggy

The mind and matter of a mastiff puppy is really simple and uncomplicated. Buy Moses a $3 pink rubber piggy and he is in love for life. Not only that, this is the first toy that has lasted for more than an hour. He has successfully chewed off the tail and ears and for those who know him well....we know those pink appendages will appear like graffitti on our lawn....But enough of that lovely description....For the love of a dog who is in love with a pink pig!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mural 2010 New Year's Eve Event

This year or at least the months of October, November and December have proved particularly stressful for me. After a summer of not being able to work because of the surgery on my right hand, I found my fall packed full of projects including the exhibit at Art Works, two working residencies, numerous Christmas orders for galleries, a big mural project for Seven Springs Mountain Resort and this mural project. This might not seem that daunting a task and did afford me some great money making suffice it to say I am very grateful the tasks have been accomplished!

This project did not start easily as the size of the canvas meant taping pieces together, painting at first in an unheated garage and in the middle of that....getting strep throat and having someone run over a portion of the mural with a golf cart. I was subsequently moved to a nice heated building with lights that did not flicker and even had the luxury of music and good lunches. The people I work with on this project were resourceful and as always a joy to work with at any time.

The theme of this project was the 21 Club in New York and based on the era of Prohibition. So, my mural painting ended up being over 1500 bottoms of liquor bottles hung on a wall. My ingenious husband convinced me to finally stamp the colors which did allow for the project to go faster. I still ended up like Michelangelo though with scaffolding set up so I could touch up where paint peeled from the reluctant electricians tape that held the massive piece together. So for 8 glorious hours, the beauty of this room could not have been surpassed in our neck of the woods.....Happy New Year 2011!