Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some of us Rest, some of us Work

Granted it has been a fairly hot week in July.  Weather and temperatures have soared into the high 80's and even the 90's but today was a bit more tolerable.  You might think though that these dogs have worked long and hard by the looks of them.  In fact, the majority of their day has encompassed trying out various bed locations much like Goldie Locks trying out beds.  Most often, Moses would prefer to be with me, but since I am painting orders, he is officially banned from the room.  Not that I mind nose marks in paint but I think customers might!  Ah, the life of a dog.....

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Paddle Boarding on the Q Dam

Rick surprised me last night with buying a paddle board.  I have seen people doing this in the Cayman's and the beach but never thought to own one.  It is really a cross between an open kayak and surf board.  It comes with a large area to stand or sit and the paddle converts to a kayak paddle or a long single paddle.  I was nervous about my balance not being too wonderful, but at my first attempt found that standing and paddling is great.  It is amazing not only what you can see, but how good this kind of core strength building will be in the long run.

You will see that not only did Rick and I love it, but Ms. Foxxy felt her sea legs too.  She Loves it also!  She swam out to me and was so good letting me put her on the board.  Sitting quietly, she surveyed her new found kingdom.  We had an awesome day with a 14 mile bike ride and two hours sharing the paddle board.  With our sea kayak and board, we are always ready for water in any form:)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another Busy Day and It is Delightful

The Country Market went really well again today.  It was a gorgeous day and so great to see my mom and give her fresh tomatoes, green beans and brocolli from our garden.  Things were postive and really hopping today.  Last night however we took a break for ourselves and took the dogs and us for a much needed walk:)

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Busy Day in the Neighborhood

It's already been a busy summer here at Waking Bear Studio.  Progress on the Story Walk for Seven Springs Mountain Resort would not be progressing as nicely without the help of the awesome staff in the carpenter and painter's shop.  Tom Close has been doing some jig saw cutting of some of my pieces.  He does such an incredible job and the support of the staff on my project has been so positive.

Rick and I have been doing the Country Market in Ligonier twice a month and last week was our best Saturday ever!  I am making some new clay creatures and creations and they sold very well and made me smile in the process.  Our new garden stakes proved popular and we even sold some custom design signs.

In the meantime, Moses continues to grow and get more ornery each day.  On Rick's birthday he insisted upon swimming out to Rick's kayak and swam until he was exhausted.  I do love a dog that likes to swim.  It is a joy to have both Foxxy and Moses in our house to keep us on our toes.  Moses keeps trying to eat my clay sponges.

My presentation for SAMA called Finding Your Bliss went over well.  I had a crowd of over 45 people present for that day.  It felt like I did a good job and I am grateful to be finding my bliss on a daily basis.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Love workng on the Story Walk for Seven Springs

I am having a wonderful time creating and painting 8 hours a day for the Story Walk at Seven myself lots of time to really enjoy the experience and relish the time spent on this project.  My particular favorite story is Where the Wild Things Are...Some images that hopefully are easy to recognize!  Max hanging from the tree is obviously not finished yet, but I wanted people to see some of the process.