Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Happy Holidays

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the stalls
Not a creature was stirring
Not even the small

The horses were snuggled and drowsing a bit
Waiting for morning and winter snow to hit
Their stockings were hung on stall doors with care
Horses warm and woolley with thick winter hair

Icicles clung to their whiskers and chins
Most softly sleeping or licking feed bins
Santa was coming to remind us all
To LOVE all creatures great and small

Remember to kiss your horse with great love
Grab onto reins and wear warm gloves
We are lucky to have all these great gifts
And hope this poem gives your heart a lift…..

Warm wishes and dreams for a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!

Martha, Rick
Zora, Koda
Eeyore and Foxxy Loxxy

Sunday, December 6, 2009

After the Storm

I will ride Zora
Feeling strong horse muscles
Warming my thighs
Until we ride
Like we are
Part of the wind
And sky.
She has brought
Joy unfounded in this world
A nicker from the field
And the scent
Of warm hay on her breath.
She is my soul
Making me feel
That nothing else matters
She brings me soft lips
Nuzzling my hand
With a push
That brings me contact to her
With my mind
Until we are one being
Touching this earth
Our hearts melding
Becoming one energy
In a moment
Frozen in time.

Friendly, curious
Eating, galloping, searching
Always looking for carrots

Affectionate, intelligent
Rolling, flying, loving
Brown eyes radiating love

Humerous, sad
Laughing, joking, grieving
Acting like Peter Pan

Loyal, grey
Sleeping, howling, loving
Friend to those leaving us

Affectionate, gentle
Leaning, loving, trusting
Old eyes behind gray mask

Tired, breathless
Dozing, waiting, weakening
Dying in his chair daily

Exhausted, faded
Gasping, praying, sighing
Worn out pair of Levi’s

I will ride
On bitter winds
A horse
I like to call my own
She is woolley and warm
Winter making
Us both shiver
In a moment of cold

She takes freezing
Touching my hand
With a muzzle of frozen
The faint scent of hay and oats
And candy mint
On her breath

She dips her head
To take a bridle
That will calm us both
I slide onto her back
Without a saddle

Both knowing
This is what we love best
For that moment
I am 8 again
Feeling the stocky body
Of a welsh pony
Who makes me feel
Like an Indian princess

Zora’s ears prick forward
Bringing me back
To now when I ride
Not her ghost
She gathers herself
For a mindless gallop
Where no roads will
Block our way
Or cars traveling too fast

A child in a blind rage
Pony who cannot stop in time
She is safe
My guide towards
No bitter memories
The chill scent of winter
Freezing our hairs
Until we melt
Like the last blue icicle

Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Time for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year was really a blessing in disguise. Our initial plan was a beautiful trip to Aruba and a chance to spend time with my niece and nephew. Alex turned 16 the day before the big holiday. We had planned the trip for 3 months. Rick's father, whom we have been taking care of for the past two and a half years took an unexpected turn for the worst and was hospitalized. I had to decide to stay or go on the trip. At first, I grudgingly found myself wondering what was the right thing to do. It took only a few memories of how supportive Rick was when my dad fell ill to make the choice to cancel the trip and to stay.

Less than 12 hours after that decision, I was called to substitute teach for an art teacher who was diagnosed with a brain tumor, my mom had no one to spend Thanksgiving with, I was scheduled for a biopsy and on top of that was Jim's failing health. It felt like my world was a place about to explode in the chaos and turmoil. As many know, my brother and sister in law were also a negative factor in this equation. I found myself unable to eat or sleep, only allowing myself coffee and working at school in the hopes I could keep my head on straight.

One night, after lying in bed for hours, awake and unhappy, I heard my dad in my head. He told me to do the best I could and to keep the faith. For the first time in many nights, I rested for two hours and went to school again. Also for the first time, my father in law told me that he loved me and that felt really good. It is never too late to share that sentiment with anyone. Through persistance, we were finally able to move him to hospice the day before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving day started out with a beautiful ride on horseback for Rick and myself, the first reprieve and quiet time in almost two weeks. Then winter blew in with a vengeance later in the afternoon with gusts of winds carrying the sting of wet snow. It was just a hint of the winter weather yet to come.

Thanksgiving dinner with my mom was an interesting event with a little traditional turkey and the less traditional course of Caribou...hmmmm....not a hit, but a nice dinner with my mom who is a wonderful person to spend time with at any time. On our way home, we visited with Jim and even took Eeyore and Foxxy in for a brief visit. He woke up for the first time in 12 hours, petted the dogs and fell back to sleep. He was not conscious the next day and passed away in his sleep early this Saturday morning.

I feel relief for him. No more struggling for breath, no more pain and no more depression. We forget that a simple life, full of love is what we should all strive for at any given time. It is not money, or material things that will make us happy or satisy us. I am happy that Jim does not have to struggle or see the stupid turmoil that his family will go through after he is gone. I am glad to have spent the time with him and wish him all the blessings and peace that he well deserves.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Does a Residency Ever End?

The responsibility of an artist in residence is to help guide and sometimes transform students. Sometimes this is accomplished through skillful teaching while other times, the entire class is involved in the evolving process of each other. In this class, one of the key components has been laughter and good humor. We are proud of ourselves and proud of our classmates accomplishments. Tune in next week as we rough draft our book and enjoy a bountiful sit down meal prepared by all of us!

One student e mailed me some responses, so I wanted to be sure to show them below what I have just written.

Hi Martha,Well, I think I am the most incompetent computer user ever. I wasn't able to find a connection on the blog, so am sending everything in an email. If my daughter were home, she'd probably get right in.

Here is the small article I saw in Woman's WorldPaint away your pain! Here's a creative way to ease pain from an illness. Paint, draw, or sculpt. Researchers say cancer patients reported up to 45% reduction in pain after an hour-long session with an art therapist. Use the American Art Therapy Association's online locator service at to find an art therapist near you.

My Cinquain Poem

fluffy, white
sleeping, cuddling, barking
my little fur baby

sleeps, wet
smiling, crying, cooing
my beautiful new grandson

Becky's poem

orange, white
biting, fighting, clawing
my friend for life

Thanks for all you do for us. I have so enjoyed this session of Arts for Healing and hope you are able to come back for the next session we have. I know there is much for us to learn about painting with water colors.


Monday, November 2, 2009

First Monday in November

In our Arts for Healing program, it is always a joy for me to see and hear the response of the participants. For me, a job well done is not only personal satisfaction but also the resounding positive response from the group. There is no telling when there might be an interaction in the group that changes the perspective or attitude of someone in the group. Today my goal was to ask the simple question:

“Why do you come here and keep returning?” For many of these participants, this is not their first Arts for Healing program nor would I expect it would be their last. I conducted informal one on one interviews with each person who attended today’s class. Here are some of those responses:

Rita- “this is giving me the opportunity to tap into the artistic side of the brain….it puts you into another world and allows for time to relax and interact with others.”

Nancy- “The time goes so fast and it is quality time I give to myself! You have to nurture yourself first.”

Janet- “Before I got married and sick, I did a lot of art…..when I am doing artwork I am actually feeding myself, something I neglected to do after I got sick. Being a mom, I did not want anyone to suffer when I was not feeling well. It’s nice to use energy for myself in this class. I start to feel like I did before I got sick.”

Becky- “I love coming on Mondays just to get out of the house, away from the kids and my husband. It helps to take your mind off your illness…..this is a place to socialize and meet new friends. I enjoy making artwork and it has helped me to discover that I am an artist.”

Ron- “I enjoy people. People are my life. Most of all, I like kids the best. This class takes away the loneliness in my life. After losing my wife, it was even more important for me to be around people. I improve my own life by being here.”

Vicki: “I come to enjoy and learn. How am I going to experience things if I don’t take classes? My husband wants me to take this class because he knows I need this. I enjoy a challenge.”

Jody- “I enjoy the class. There are certain things I would like to do. Some of the things look easy for people and for me they can be difficult. I am left handed and I find that challenging in a world made mostly for right handed people. I don’t give up trying.”

David- “Previous classes provide a bond, it is like a family here. We laugh and cry together. It is a place to catch up with each other. In each class there is time to form a bond. We judge ourselves but other people don’t judge us here.”

Rose Marie- “God’s creation
Beautiful sunflower
Gorgeous butterfly
Look all around you
What has been made
He alone created all”

Cindy- “I keep coming here. The pain has not gone away. When I am here, I don’t feel the pain as much. I can take this home with me. Sometimes rather than taking another pain pill, I can pick up my brush and do some artwork. We are a family. Going to my support group is good, but this is better. Because here…I am Cindy. In my support group I am Cindy with MS. I’d rather be just Cindy.”

Loretta- “It makes me realize that there is more in my life than just pain.”

Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh Sunny Day

So after some horrendous early winter weather....we had some much needed Sunshine today:) What I loved best about class today was how helpful and kind everyone is in this class. Everyone chips in to help and take care of each other. There is a very positive and giving attitude that prevails.

Chris showed me two cinquaine poems that I thought would be nice to share on the blog:

nurture, evolve
caring, loving, growing
people help serve others

cool, refreshing
cleansing, soothing, quenching
water nourishes body and soul

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Challenging Hope

With the beginning of winter and a damp fall that hinders the spirit; this is always a rough time of year for our family. Each day in October serves as a reminder and a heavy pressure that is coming into the 13th year, the death and loss of Julie. Some years, it seems like a tender wound freshly made while other times it is as if an indefinite amount of time has passed. Clear dreams remind me of how she looked, laughed and cried. Daylight hours she fades from my sight like a wisp of fog. Whether or not we realize or not, her spirit held our family together and sometimes tears us apart. The challenges of hope are knowing that she is safe and like my father reminding us occasionally to "keep the faith."

In my class at the John P Murtha Center for Pain, I can see the tangible signs of faith and hope. The challenges faced within this group are various illnesses that in and of themselves would prove dauntless. Take those challenges and multiply them by 20 or so and yet when you come into the room there is no disheartening spirit. Our Fear baskets are not always full in this room, but our Dream baskets always have a few attainable goals that might seem simple to an outsider. The biggest point to recall is that we are all Alive, able to make choices and that we also have made it through another day.

Do I wish that Julie would have chosen differently......? I have never waivered in my response to my own challenge of hope....she would have found people in this room that she could have connected with in joy and pain. I cannot help but feel that there are times she joins us in the room and vibrates some hope and love in our direction. I hope she can continue to guide me to offer art and hope to this group.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Windy Monday

Aside from windy weather, we had a very full class today. Moving chairs and tables around allowed for three more artists to join our group. How nice it is to welcome more into our Arts for Healing program. Today, I did a quick demonstration using saran wrap and kosher salt techniques. Further discussion brought about the use of a water spray bottle and possible use of mask to hold white areas.

Next week we will come up with a working title for the book and possible ideas on writing and claiming it as our own:) Everyone's input will prove to be valuable and with our new camera in hand, we will be able to put together a great book to showcase our work.

Monday, October 5, 2009

First Monday in October

Our class met today and everyone was a busy, busy painter! Today, students were encouraged to make a sketch, transfer their drawing and learn a little bit about mixing color. Their trays hold primary colors only with warm and cool blues and reds. Smaller pieces of watercolor paper served as experimental areas to try out brush strokes and prospective colors.

My favorite part of the day is when someone, anyone has success with their piece. Also, the unbounded enthusiasm of the class allows for banter and play and true companionship. This is a lovely group of people who can shed their pains and isolation at the door and find friendship and a learning experience.

I am always grateful to be able to teach this class. The response for this class has been wonderful to see. I hope they will continue to attend.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Rainy Monday

It is a rainy day in Johnstown but the weather did not subdue the exuberant mood of our class. Welcome hugs greet all of us to our second day of the residency. It is as if we can shed our troubles at the door and for three hours enjoy a day of laughter, art lessons and companionship. We are a family for those hours and like any family banter back and forth and make friends.

Today the main point was to go over the basics of color, composition and design. I spent time at the board confirming basic knowledge about Primary Colors, Secondary and Complimentary Colors. We also worked a little on our writing by composing our own simple Cinquain Poems! Some simple watercolor techniques using wet and dry brush were facilitated. Students learned how to mix colors on paper and palette. Our goal is the process of creating our own works as well as a final result of putting together a group book.

Next week, students will work on their own designs and I will teach them the use of kosher salt and saran wrap as effects in watercolor. It was a good day and I hope to continue in this vein to help build confidence in the artistic abilities of my group.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Arts For Healing

I am thrilled to start another residency at The John P. Murtha Center Neurological and Pain Center. Today is September 21, 2009 and I will be teaching a watercolor and writing workshop for the next 9 Mondays. In our first meeting today, I met an intriguing blend of adults with various illnesses. Most at least suffer from chronic pain and yet find the fortitude and need to attend the Arts for Healing workshops offered by the center.

Our class will consist of over 20 participants with one of the group goals to create a "book" with paintings and writings with each participant having one page for their individual work. It will be one of my jobs to put the book together....BIG learning curve for me and I am excited at the prospect!

Today, I bought two different colored baskets so everyone could write a FEAR or DREAM....I was thrilled to find the DREAM basket full and only four in the FEAR basket. Here is what I found in the DREAM basket.

To provide for my wife the way she deserves (by being the voice of the Pirates)

To be healthy enough to take care of my grandson starting in November

To be successful enough to be able to focus on helping others

A home built of the pines and rocks on my land, my trailer home is not in great shape and much repair is needed. I dream that one day that I could build a home there.

I want to own a house in Cape Cod. I hope my children grow healthy and strong and come to visit me and my husband there. I want to work.

Better food choices and portion control

I would like to marry Bono in Washington as my nephew worked there some day

Mealtime always comes

My physical and mental pain will go away

Relive last 30 years

Learn all of the arts, it is also fun what you do good or bad

I have a dream to do some thing or make some one happy or help them every day

I would like to write novels successfully

A job I love that will help others

Becoming a writer

Write my parents life story


Fly a helicopter

If I win the lottery, I'll give at least a portion of it to our have our own independence and to get a car

Monday, April 27, 2009

Angels in the Making Class at UPJ-March 2009

These pictures were taken in our Pitt-Johnstown Winter Weekend 2009 Angels in the Making class. This class is being offered again (back by popular demand) in our 2009 Explore Spring program. All students gave me permission for the photos.

In the group picture:
Back row: Georgian Butura, Amy Wess, Adam Ryan, Tara Harrington, Andrea Sadvari Front row: Jean Urgolites, Tresa McVicker, and Martha Murphy

Tara Harrington (student in light green sweater w/dark hair) and
Instructor Martha Murphy (owner of Waking Bears Studio in Friedens, PA)
(holding newly created metal angel)

Instructor Martha Murphy (Waking Bears Studio) displaying a newly
created metal angel

Amy Wes showing her newly created metal angel (short hair in dk green

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Link for Recycled Art Show
Here's the link for online version of the CDT article on our Recycled Art Show.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And the Winners Are.....

The winner in the youth division was Elijah Klock with his rendition of a dragonfly with chainsaw wings.

First prize in the adult division went to: Elli Groniger
Second prize went to: Dorothy Durrenberger
Third prize went to: Manya Goldstein

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Art Alliance OUT OF THE BOX

Rick and I had the honor of being chosen to be jurors for The Art Alliance Show in Lemont, PA. Stationed outside of State College, this charming little town boasts beautiful homes, quiet streets and a very ACTIVE Art group affiliated with The Art Alliance. (Although artists outside of the Art Alliance are invited to submit works.) The show's name is Recycled Art. This was their fifteenth annual one. This year's theme was "Out of the Box." Our arrival was a bit early, so we had a chance to peruse Lemont and also close by Boalsburg. We ate chocolates from a chocolate shop and were wired and excited to see the show. In the first corner, I was pleased to see three entries by the youth of the town. The winner, although all were winners in my book, was a young man whose dragonfly boasted chainsaw wings.

Choosing the "best" piece was not an easy task. For both of us, each piece had its own merits and the use of recycled items was clever in every instance. Aesthetic values and even the written blogs were helpful in choosing first, second and third place. I did feel there was a need for Honorable Mentions, of which there were four.

First prize was in my mind a collaborative effort with the piece made from old car hoods and with a wonderfully written dialogue on which the piece was based. Second place went to a piece with a story about where do all the mismatched soxs from the dryer and drawer actually go. Third place was a collage made from recycled items, too numerous to mention, but easy to pick out. I did not post individual photos as I did not get permission from the artists to do so:) Still, it is the work that matters; the maker is seen in the works.

We have not been able to leave our home for very long, due to a chronically ill father-in-law, so having a day escape was really much needed. For us to spend the day and evening with such a dynamic group of people was a great addition to our brief stay in State College/Lemont. Not only was the show well attended, but we were able to make great contacts and connect with friends. Even though it is far away, there was a certain positive energy that lets me hope that I can become a member of the Art Alliance.

For those who can see that recycling can indeed make some fine art pieces......HURRAH for your visions!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Student comments about residency

"Before, I didn't really like using watercolors because it was difficult for me. Ms. Murphy taught me brush strokes and color blending to make it easier. I actually like how my painting is turning out so far."

"likes to do animal and nature pieces and interesting to find out their spiritual meanings."

..." Ms. Murphy allowed us to be free with what we wanted for our projects, yet helped us with it along the way...."

" I LOVED the program. My favorite thing was the free range in the medium.....Ms. Murphy gave us plenty of tips, but never forced her ideas on my project. She was very encouraging and creative."

" She helped me take my painting to another level...."

" I enjoyed thinking and learning about symbolism. It was my favorite because I really didn't know about it."

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Laurel Highlands Residency

Laurel Highlands High School is located in the Uniontown, PA area. Mike DeFazio is the art teacher at the school and after a summer of clean up and organization, has a great teaching space for his eager art students.

In a typical 10 day residency, I introduce myself and my work on the first day and work on meeting the students. This is my 7th year working with Mike although in the past I have taught with him in the elementary schools. My first year working with Mike, he was the only art teacher for 5 elementary schools. Talk about Art on a Cart!

Mike’s professional ability is his work as a painter and I got a chance to see some of his wire sculpture pieces. His range of talent is such a huge asset for the high school. All this plus the fact that the students love working with him is just another sign of a truly great “teacher”. Before school, during lunch and after school, his art room is Never empty of students who want to continue enjoying the art that is offered by Mike.

This year’s residency project involved the students in learning some basics about watercolor, composition and the use of symbolism to create their own piece. One of my favorite books called “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews has been a helpful introduction to animal, insect, bird, flower and tree imagery. Students were asked to come up with 3-4 adjectives to describe themselves and these words were then translated into related symbolic images. Most difficult for the high school students were coming up with 3-4 Positive words to describe them. The end result is a type of Portrait, not of what they look like on the outside, but who they are on the inside.

Works by the students progressed very well in the 10 days. Using little tricks like Saran Wrap and Kosher salt to create water areas or texture is always a fun way to spice up a watercolor. Basically, I encouraged students to come up with a good rough draft, transferred it to watercolor paper and then had them start with light washes. Watercolor is a transparent medium so creation of color can come from layering color on top of each other. Some students inked in their designs while others used pencil to complete their pieces.

Also involved in this residency was the initiation of a large wall mural in Mrs. Savini’s room. She teaches hospitality and business and delighted in our creation of a beach scene with palm trees and water. The girls in this class were quiet and wonderful to work with on this project. Although it was not completed by the time I left, we did get a great start for the class room. In the process, the girls were commissioned to continue with their mural painting ability for several other class rooms.

The student body at this school were exceptional in their welcome to me. I will be delighted to return next year and continue another great teaching experience.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Back in West Palm Beach

We had a wonderful time for the three days we spent on Pine Island in the community of Matlacha! What could be more entertaining than to watch dolphins and manatees swim by the dock both morning and evening. Kelly fished avidly and we laughed at the size of the baby fish she kept hauling out of the water.

I did very well at Julia's Arts and happily sold a half dozen pieces and will be making more pieces to send to her when I get back in for more photos coming to the site!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

More from Florida!

To claim the weather here in Florida is better than in Pennsylvania is a gross understatement! Every day here has been partly sunny with rising temperatures each day. It is amazing how a little sunshine can lighten the spirit.

Speaking of spirit, I am headed over to the West Coast of Florida with my mom and sister for the show at Julia's Arts located on charming Pine Island. I had sent numerous pieces down earlier in January so will be excited to see what has sold and also to finally meet the owner of the gallery. We will be staying at the Bridgewater Inn which is actually a hotel on a floating dock. My favorite part is watching the manatees and dolphins in the early morning and evening.

I will be meeting people etc. all day Friday and then dancing to live Reggae music and visiting the other art galleries. I have brought my paints too, so hope to get some visual impressions down on paper.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Attention Floridians! Don't miss it!

Come join me at Julia's Arts in Matlacha, Florida! I will be there Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th! Come and have a great time! Be sure to introduce yourself, I love meeting fellow artists and art lovers!

Here are the details....

Florida's Creative Coast Weekend

Friday, February 13th, 2009

"Aqueous Transmissions"
Opening Reception: 2 pm to 9 pm

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

Second Annual "Pine Island Plein-Air"
at Julia's Arts
Artists Demonstrations - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Come Show Your "Love" of Art !

Sunday, February 15th, 2009
11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Sponges are Thirsty!

Okay, here is an expression via Mr. King that I absolutely love! Some days in a residency you find that the students are particularly needy of your attention....nothing wrong with that, but the expression....THE SPONGES ARE THIRSTY is a great way to explain that.

Anyway, we are on day 8 and experimenting with various watercolor techniques and some fun and always successful paper weaving of their paintings. I think this little exercise is very free and an activity where failure is never an option. I had collected a bunch of mat board last year and we mounted some finished pieces on mat board to give a better look for the artwork.

This year's residency has been full of bad weather but never bad attitudes. We started with 24 students and finished with 22 students. Usually the numbers drop by half so I am pleased so many remained for the 10 days. Several students were working on art portfolio's for applications for art school. Mr. King and I gave extra advice and help to those students. All in all, this was a great group with some really wonderful pieces to show for their hard work. Thanks as always to the Altoona School District for providing another wonderful After School Arts Program:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Practice, Practice and Yes....More Practice

It is day five of our ten day residency. Ipods are allowed in the room as I feel that a certain level of relaxation is a must in creating art. I do encourage students to turn them down based on deafness ratios:)

After some basic practice, each student is encouraged to find their creative outlet in this class. After our initial copies of some masters works, the class is now allowed to work on an individual and personal piece. My job has been now to sit with students individually and to show them different painting styles and new approaches where they may be having difficulty.

"Art is an expression of feeling. I like to express my feelings in this way."

"Art means to express oneself emotionally. It also allows the mind to concentrate and imagine new possibilities."

"Art inspires me because you have endless possibilities of creativity, imagination and wonder that comes from within."

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Residency for Altoona After School Arts

I think this is my 7th year to teach a residency for Altoona After School Arts! Each year, the number of students varies but it is always a great learning and teaching experience for me and also the student body. This year we have 23 budding watercolorists staying after school to participate in the program. It is always such an enjoyment for me because returning students come back and new ones join the program.

The first few days we concentrate on simple watercolor techniques and go over basic principles of color, composition and design. Starting assignments combine efforts of the students to choose a well known artist who inspires and intrigues them. They are then asked to do a copy sketch and to make their best effort to make the master copy into a watercolor. This basic exercise helps them learn to make their own colors, combine efforts to do a good drawing and to understand the skill level founded in great paintings.

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's warm where they are!

Here are a few of the pieces going to Julia's Arts on Matlacha, Florida!

The Art Nite takes place on the island starting February 13th, 14th and 15th. All the galleries on the island have entertainment, food stuff and are open to the public. It is a blast! This year, I will get to be there with my sister and my adorable mom too.

Julia's Arts is a really cool gallery that specializes in really unique artwork. They even have artists in residence....check out their website and schedule.

Another cool gallery is across the road and is run by wild and eccentric Leoma Lovegrove. Her paintings make you want to run through paint brushes full of color.

Since I am sharing galleries.... here is another cool site that carries my watercolors and translates them into needlepoint canvases! Check out Amanda Lawford Artworks! You can locate my designs by going to "Featured Artists"!

Wow, I am on a roll. Here are three more you should checkout that carry either my Metal Work or Watercolors: