Sunday, August 4, 2013

"Capturing the Light"

Waking Bear Studio has had such a wonderful and busy summer!  We are making so many new things and are happily exhibiting our works in our show called "Capturing the Light"......we are showing our work with Terry Werner a wonderful furniture designer and even collaborating on some pieces.  I will be posting more images of the exhibit itself I hope!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Waking Bear Studio and a Busy Summer

Happily, our summer continues to be busy and super productive.  We are still making for about 30 active accounts/galleries and usually pick up the one time order in the fall.  It is plenty to keep us working more than full time.  We have several large retail shows and gallery show that will be a combined effort with our friend Terry Werner who is an incredible wood working artist.

I often thank my mom in my heart and head for her continued support, although she is no longer with us in the physical sense.  I know too that my dad is always watching, always proud and calms me in my mind when things get tough.  Thank you for the parents that were given to me.  I am grateful every day for their lessons on diversity and perseverance.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Works for Waking Bear Studio 2013

Busy and more happy with all our hard works!  Recycled pallet lumber, strong imaginations and every day is a creative day!

Images and Ideas from Clarion Limestone Elementary School May 2013

Although my final day at CL was last week, the students did end up finishing up their works after I left.  Our principle materials used were all RECYCLED and UPCYCLED to create our art work.  Every student in the school left with a magnet piece on cardboard with the theme of Under the Sea.  We used things like stained glass, buttons, bottle caps, paint, seashells and assorted beads etc.  Most of the students finished their works with fabric paint and then a magnet on the back.

Third graders finished their Dr. Seuss inspired piece and the final result is longer than a work table and about 4 feet high.  It is fun, colorful and certainly whimsical!  Every fish is a unique and diverse part of the piece, just like the students themselves.

Fifth graders did a Godzilla inspired piece along with keeping with our recycled books which included our theme of Reading, Writing and Art.  I have been personally inspired to work on incorporating more recycled elements in my own work.  It is not difficult to make something beautiful out of something that might get thrown away!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some Aha Moments

Aside from working with my core group of 5th graders we are also making a project with the 3rd graders based on several Dr. Seuss stories.  Our goal in using only recycled elements has been both appealing and exciting for the students.  Their unbridled enthusiasm is so refreshing and actually helps energize both Ms. Huwar and myself.

With the 5th graders, we have broken down on occasion into teams to brainstorm and start our projects.  One "leader" of the group approached me and commented "  I don't know how you teachers do one listens and that is frustrating."  I laughed and told him calmly to just keep trying and that eventually communication would prevail.

So, far we have a beach scene using books as the base and a variety of elements to create their scene.  We also have some wonderful trees emerging made from papertowel holders and another group making a sand castle with undersea creatures.  We have also written some poems about recycling and nature that will be in our book format.

We have so much to get accomplished this week but it will not be impossible......the art room looks like an art room for sure!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Here I am at CL...Clarion Limestone Elementary School

I am happily back at CL for a second tour of duty in the last two years.  I am working with the friendly and super energetic Liz Huwar and a also a faculty and staff that makes me feel so at home.  I am staying during the week at The Clarion House B and B located in the heart of town.  It has been like a mine vacation and I have read 3 books after school in 3 days!

We are working diligently with the concept of recycling and upcycling books to create our artwork.  I am working with a core group of 5th graders along with the rest of school that runs from K-6th grade.  It is a super busy day with non stop classes but also non stop enthusiasm.  We will eventually make a Shutterfly book as one of the results of our hard work......stay tuned for photos and poems!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Last day at Latrobe High School

This 10 day residency at Greater Latrobe High School was sponsored by the McFeely-Rogers Foundation and also The Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art.  I am happy to say I think this is my 6th year with this painting project.

The outcome is difficult to assess as the students had not finished their works on my last day.  I am always excited though to see the quick progress and the pride and enthusiasm of the students.  I had too many to count who would have happily painted all day in the art room.

One set of boys selected a most difficult piece to render using the old Rock, Paper, Scissors approach.  I also overhead them saying it would be an easy pieces because "it is just a bunch of brush strokes....:"  It was fun to see them struggle and after much effort finally realizing how difficult the piece actually was to copy.

Others found that working beside a partner can be inspiring and a help with ideas on color mixing and compositions.  Daily I made my own efforts to get through the classroom and offer constructive insight on how to progress on their pieces.  I will be thrilled to see the final results of these pieces.