Thursday, October 25, 2012

Altoona Finishing Up

We finished at Altoona after some pretty intense clay that much of it was from my end as I tried to get pieces dried enough to put in the kiln.  Rick made a wood fire and we kept moving the wet clay sculptures from the top of the stove to a table.  We finally loaded the kiln and did a single fire of the student pieces.  All in all the results were quite good and I was very pleased with the work.

Our last days involved grouting our first smaller works onto the boards for their personal mosaics.  Grouting being such a messy business was even more fun as I chose black grout for their work.  Our last day we took shots of their final clay pieces, ate snacks that I brought and some of the students contributed also.  One wonderful mom made some awesome cookies in the shape of palettes and brushes.  We played a vigorous game of Pictionary charades and headed on our way!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cinquain Poems from Altoona After School Arts Students

We wrote poems today about our clay sculpture pieces

Small, Creative
Cutting, Drawing, Creating
Spreading the spirit of God

Messy, Wet
Moving, Thinking, Challenging
It is brown and soft

Scary, Haunted
Screaming, Creating, Howling
I love Halloween time

Fun, Pretty
Making, Cutting, Designing
Red, white and blue

Fearsome, Deadly
Eating, Stomping, Destroying
Darkness devours your soul

Majestic, Graceful
Swimming, Jumping, Swaying
Black, orange, white dashing

Colorful, Cheerful
Concentrating, Caring, Molding
Vases make flowers beautiful

Little, Cheerful
Guarding, Watching, Baking
Changing with each figure brush

Bendable, Wet
Adding, Subtracting, Placing
Sculpting is a lot fun

High, Purple
Wearing, Fitting, Losing
I love high heels

Slippery, Cool
Scupting, Dabbing, Carving
I love the ocean

Cold, Heavy
Flying, Coloring, Building
I love to fly around

Soft, Cold
Creating, Building, Coloring
I love creating new things

Friday, October 12, 2012

Altoona After School Arts

So fall begins in 2012 with the beauty of the sunsets and the folliage colors in the leaves.  It is already October and I am not even sure how many years I have been doing a residency for Altoona After School Arts.  What I do know is that this year I feel particularly lucky to have such a great group of students.

Our goals this year are to learn some processes in clay sculpture and being able to transform our work into personal mosaic projects.  I teach some basic skills in learning out to sculpte and add to the the stoneware clay I use.  Since we only have two weeks (10 days) we are actually going to single fire the clay works in my kiln here at the house.  Next week the students will get to work on a personal sculpture other than their mosaic project.

The things I like to see in this class are the friendly and helpful attitudes.  It has been a joy to be around this group.