Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Sponges are Thirsty!

Okay, here is an expression via Mr. King that I absolutely love! Some days in a residency you find that the students are particularly needy of your attention....nothing wrong with that, but the expression....THE SPONGES ARE THIRSTY is a great way to explain that.

Anyway, we are on day 8 and experimenting with various watercolor techniques and some fun and always successful paper weaving of their paintings. I think this little exercise is very free and an activity where failure is never an option. I had collected a bunch of mat board last year and we mounted some finished pieces on mat board to give a better look for the artwork.

This year's residency has been full of bad weather but never bad attitudes. We started with 24 students and finished with 22 students. Usually the numbers drop by half so I am pleased so many remained for the 10 days. Several students were working on art portfolio's for applications for art school. Mr. King and I gave extra advice and help to those students. All in all, this was a great group with some really wonderful pieces to show for their hard work. Thanks as always to the Altoona School District for providing another wonderful After School Arts Program:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Practice, Practice and Yes....More Practice

It is day five of our ten day residency. Ipods are allowed in the room as I feel that a certain level of relaxation is a must in creating art. I do encourage students to turn them down based on deafness ratios:)

After some basic practice, each student is encouraged to find their creative outlet in this class. After our initial copies of some masters works, the class is now allowed to work on an individual and personal piece. My job has been now to sit with students individually and to show them different painting styles and new approaches where they may be having difficulty.

"Art is an expression of feeling. I like to express my feelings in this way."

"Art means to express oneself emotionally. It also allows the mind to concentrate and imagine new possibilities."

"Art inspires me because you have endless possibilities of creativity, imagination and wonder that comes from within."

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Residency for Altoona After School Arts

I think this is my 7th year to teach a residency for Altoona After School Arts! Each year, the number of students varies but it is always a great learning and teaching experience for me and also the student body. This year we have 23 budding watercolorists staying after school to participate in the program. It is always such an enjoyment for me because returning students come back and new ones join the program.

The first few days we concentrate on simple watercolor techniques and go over basic principles of color, composition and design. Starting assignments combine efforts of the students to choose a well known artist who inspires and intrigues them. They are then asked to do a copy sketch and to make their best effort to make the master copy into a watercolor. This basic exercise helps them learn to make their own colors, combine efforts to do a good drawing and to understand the skill level founded in great paintings.

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's warm where they are!

Here are a few of the pieces going to Julia's Arts on Matlacha, Florida!

The Art Nite takes place on the island starting February 13th, 14th and 15th. All the galleries on the island have entertainment, food stuff and are open to the public. It is a blast! This year, I will get to be there with my sister and my adorable mom too.

Julia's Arts is a really cool gallery that specializes in really unique artwork. They even have artists in residence....check out their website and schedule.

Another cool gallery is across the road and is run by wild and eccentric Leoma Lovegrove. Her paintings make you want to run through paint brushes full of color.

Since I am sharing galleries.... here is another cool site that carries my watercolors and translates them into needlepoint canvases! Check out Amanda Lawford Artworks! You can locate my designs by going to "Featured Artists"!

Wow, I am on a roll. Here are three more you should checkout that carry either my Metal Work or Watercolors:


It is the coldest day of the year. You know it is cold out because when you breathe in your nose freezes shut! Ouch....I am dressed like Nanook of the North and attempting to clear coat my work in the non-heated garage. I will post new images later this afternoon.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just turned 44 and my first time blogging

It is the coldest night so far of this year at negative 10 degrees. I have been working on a watercolor and spent most of the day getting pieces ready for my Florida Show at Julia's Arts. Currently, I am also in a residency at Altoona After School Arts where VOILA....I am teaching 23 high school students the art of watercolor! It was so cold and windy today that I did not make the trek to Altoona and will simply add another day for the residency before I leave for Florida.

My goal in Florida is to work out some ideas for my dog book affectionately called "Paws". Other art ideas in the works include some figure pieces in clay that are both decorative and functional. For right now though, I will just concentrate on Martha's Manic Mermaids made from Metal! I will post some images of them here a little later after I get their last finish coat sprayed.

Thanks for visiting the blog....I will work on posting something as often as I can.