Thursday, February 25, 2010

Working on a Painting also

Along with the Arrow to the Sun Interpretations comes a sneak peek at the mermaid piece I am currently painting.

Arrow to the Sun Interpretations

IUP interpretations of a story

My time with the IUP students has been very interesting. Dr. Purnell has included me completely in her class so I feel a little like a student again. The women in the class have gotten their school assignments and met with their prospective teachers once already. This Friday the women in our class will be conducting a "Meet and Greet" with their various classes in their second stage of student teaching.
One of my favorite stories is called "Arrow to the Sun" and after reading it aloud in the class, I "quizzed" the students and asked for their visual response to the book. It was fun to watch their drawings emerge.

I also had a chance to have some studio time at IUP. I set up my easel and paints and worked on one of my paintings that is part of a series that will be on display in Corolla, NC in the late spring. One of the projects I am working on with the students will be a mosaic and clay piece that we will work on as a team and display in the Dean of Education Office. Tune in the next few weeks to watch our progress!

Some Examples of Mr. DeFazio's work and Student work

Take a look at some more examples of student work and the ability of Mr. DeFazio!


Mosaics, mosaics and more Beautiful Mosaics

How wonderful to be in the art room literally surrounded by gorgeous glass and clay mosaics. The quality of the student work has simply stunned Mike and me with the students carefully and proudly working on their pieces. I will be so excited to see these pieces on display during the Musical of Guys and Dolls taking place in March. For anyone interested, we will be having a student exhibit of varied work with the opening taking place on March 11, 2010. There will be prizes and ribbons awarded!

I did manage to sneak in a few shots of Mr. DeFazio's work of which there is too little in the room:) Hopefully the next year curriculum will be able to include a full year of painting. Mr. DeFazio's own talent in the area of painting is really something to see.

On a winter note, we are expecting another winter storm bringing snow and very heavy winds. The beautiful colors in the glass just serves as a lovely reminder that Spring is surely on its way!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mermaid Painting Timelapse

This is the same painting that is listed below. My husband setup a webcam and took captures every 10 seconds or so. Then he put it all together in a timelapse video! Check it out on youtube!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Paintings

These paintings are a series of works I hope to display and sell in Corolla, NC with a delivery date of early May. Some of the pieces are quite large and if you like anything you see....leave a comment!

What I have been working on while we get mucho snow

After almost 10 years of painting and working in our basement, I have an official painting studio. It is amazing what two windows, some great light and a cd player full of my favorite music will do for the soul:)

For the past week, I have been working on several acrylic paintings, partially inspired by my love of the sea and water and creatures. I hope you like what I have rendered!