Monday, November 9, 2009

Does a Residency Ever End?

The responsibility of an artist in residence is to help guide and sometimes transform students. Sometimes this is accomplished through skillful teaching while other times, the entire class is involved in the evolving process of each other. In this class, one of the key components has been laughter and good humor. We are proud of ourselves and proud of our classmates accomplishments. Tune in next week as we rough draft our book and enjoy a bountiful sit down meal prepared by all of us!

One student e mailed me some responses, so I wanted to be sure to show them below what I have just written.

Hi Martha,Well, I think I am the most incompetent computer user ever. I wasn't able to find a connection on the blog, so am sending everything in an email. If my daughter were home, she'd probably get right in.

Here is the small article I saw in Woman's WorldPaint away your pain! Here's a creative way to ease pain from an illness. Paint, draw, or sculpt. Researchers say cancer patients reported up to 45% reduction in pain after an hour-long session with an art therapist. Use the American Art Therapy Association's online locator service at to find an art therapist near you.

My Cinquain Poem

fluffy, white
sleeping, cuddling, barking
my little fur baby

sleeps, wet
smiling, crying, cooing
my beautiful new grandson

Becky's poem

orange, white
biting, fighting, clawing
my friend for life

Thanks for all you do for us. I have so enjoyed this session of Arts for Healing and hope you are able to come back for the next session we have. I know there is much for us to learn about painting with water colors.


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