Friday, July 23, 2010

Fatigue management and Pain

In class today we brainstormed over the many causes of Pain:
1) Stress
2) Age
3) Illness
4) Arthritis
5) Medication
6) Broken bones
7) Over doing too much
9) Strain
10) Nerve pain
11) Injury
12) Weather changes

Causes for Fatigue differed in some ways when we did our brainstorming:
1) Poor nutrition
2) Lack of sleep
3) Inactivity
4) Weather conditions
5) Exertion
6) Low blood count
7) Dehydration
8) Low sodium
9) Low vitamin D
10) Low sugar

Things to help with Fatigue:
1) Better meals
2) Regular routine and activities
3) Supplements
4) Exercise routine
5) Better sleep
6) Naps
7) Breaks in activity

Ways to Manage Pain:
1) Massage
2) Whirpool
3) Be with Positive people
4) Relaxing bath
5) Yoga
6) Relaxation techniques
7) Hobby
8) Change mental attitude
9) Share experiences
10) Buddy system
11) Learning to say NO

The FIT scale formula stands for:
F= Frequency
I= Intensity
T= Time

Endurance activities should involve the following:
1) Perspiration
2) Raising heart rate
3) Pacing self
4) Being safe and effective
You should be able to talk during the activity and should be able to do for at least 5 minutes. You should also be able to recover normal activity within 30 minutes after pulse rate goes down.

With our Action Plans we are learning how to alter and change without feeling like we are failing. The accomplishment of the Action Plan is important in our daily lives:

Some reasons we may have had to make changes:
1) Not feeling well
2) Unrealistic goals
3) Too tired
Suggestions to change:
1) Change amount of activity
2) Alter time of day
3) Reward self
4) Patience with self
*Look at problem solving steps

Activity- Better Breathing
Reasons for shortness of breath
1) Damaged lungs
2) Weakened heart
3) Increased demands
4) Narrowed breathing passages
5) Low number of red blood cells
6) High altitude
7) Excess body weight
8) Anxiety
9) Smoking

The following are helpful Relaxation Techniques for better breathing:
1) Better posture
2) Relaxation techniques
3) Dehumidifier
4) Proper breathing through nose and exhale through mouth
5) Muscle strengthening
6) Avoid irritants
7) Building up to exercise

I will be missing next week's class as we are going on vacation. My Action Plan for the week is to create and cook 5 healthy dinners with my family while on vacation. The majority of these will be dinners as we hope to be super busy on the water during the day. My confidence level is an 8!

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