Monday, August 2, 2010

Comment from an Arts for Healing student

Thought I'd say "Hello" and "Thank You!", Martha.

I've just looked over the entire blog here and my how this has grown! I loved all of the student's works esp. the mosaics! Hope we can do some mosaics at AFH sometime if the state ever realizes how important "The Arts" are and allows funding for same... Yet, maybe it's time for me to "stand on my own two feet" and explore my painting at home and outside as well... I hope and pray that we can all come together again in the future for more classes with you and others. I will greatly miss everyone in AFH, and am also very grateful for Carol and the others in administration who are just wonderful people!

I have learned so much from all of the AFH classes, but have especailly enjoyed the new acrylic painting techniques I learned from you! I am feeling more confident and positive about many things in my life... I really think that painting has been a huge factor in my better attitude about life, pain, and other problems! The power of Love and Painting! I feel so BLESSED to know you, Martha! You are a wonderful teacher and friend! (and Artist!)

Much Love & Peace,


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