Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mastiff Miracle or Martha's Mistake?

On our yearly shopping at the mall, we opted to buy a King Sized Mattress. I hate shopping in the mall and my defenses must have been way down. After much snow today, we managed to pick up the mattress, take the old one to Goodwill and with new sheets etc. our bed is a wonder to behold. Rick is already feeling like a King!
When it is too quiet in the house, I know that our favorite mastiff Moses is up to no good! my suspicions were not unfounded when I found him happily in the middle of the bed....looking much like a King himself. Please understand I am not a cruel owner by any means, as both dogs have very plush beds to call their own in our bedroom. I am not sure if Moses might not think this whole shopping adventure might not have been completely for him.

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  1. is this one of the puppies from Maddie and Bruno, born June 20, 2010? If so I have his brother. My name is Emily, i saw a post on Companion's facebook page so i checked out your website and have been reading about your adventures with Moses and I'm going through the exact same can email me at if you like