Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beautiful Dogs, beautiful night

It was so wonderful to get the dogs in the car and to drive up to Dave and Ralph's farm.  Moses leaped from the car and with red, laughing mouth ran like a tiger through the tall grass.  The joy on his face was so easy to read.  He bounded over Foxxy on several occasions and then set off to explore.  It is such a relief to let him run free because there is so much space and he comes back when he is called.

We searched for wild strawberries but I am afraid the rabbits and birds got them all.  However, the wild blueberries are actually starting to ripen so I may have to go back up on Sunday to check them out again.  The ant hills up there are so high and I think both dogs have learned to stay away from all that biting activity.  It was a gorgeous night with a good breeze and although it is hot, it certainly feels like summer time.

The dogs are now sprawled out on the porch after this jaunt.  I am going riding in the am and am devising a plan so both Foxxy and Moses can come also.

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