Sunday, November 6, 2011

Residency for Latrobe High School Fall 2011

I am probably the luckiest artist in residence ever.  My pleasure has been to be invited this fall for a 5 day residency with Latrobe and then a 10 day sculpture to start out my 2012 year in January.  Working with Ms. Ross and her students is always such a joy with their strong work ethic and interest in the projects.  With such a short painting project, my primary goal is always about color mixing, composition based on an Impressionist approach.  This class we concentrated a good bit with working on our paintings upside down so that students did not get too focused on their subject matter.

I can hardly wait to see the finished pieces!  It is a short class period and with clean up and start up we have about 30 minutes to cram our lessons and painting in at the same time.  It is a large class but well intentioned and I am sure they will end up with some fine paintings.

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