Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Returniing Alumni heads to Valley School

It has been about 30 years since I have set foot in my grade school.  There are so many changes and yet the halls seem to hold the laughter of classmates from long ago.  Children still wear their uniforms of plaid with pushed down socks and ties slightly askew.  The smallest ones skip merrily down the halls and most will greet you with a ready smile.  I am surprised at how nice it feels to be conducting a residency here.  Flashes of my own memories inspire me to remember the art room with Barb Mannion encouraging us in our work.  That same atmosphere prevails in the art room today.

I am encouraged to find students polite and helpful and most importantly friendly and enthusiastic about our clay works.  It is rewarding to see the progress that practice in the clay brings to these students.  In just a few days ones that have been discouraged by a piece that might not be perfect to them do end showing signs of happiness and self esteem as we create our Garden Goyles.  The clay works are silly and funny and yet conduct the basic steps for any successful clay sculpture work.

10 days here will not be enough for me to see finished, glazed works.  Amongst all the grades, Mrs. Vallaly and I will bisque fire over 400 pieces in less than a week.  We will work hard to get as much accomplished as we can.  In the meantime, students are working happily alongside us to make some really amazing sculpture works!

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