Thursday, April 24, 2014

So much accomplished at Blacklick High School

As this 20 day residency draws to a close, I am so thrilled to see how much we have accomplished so far.  We have three outstanding murals using huge recycled window blinds.  Each is so unique and since we worked in teams, a really good reflection of each group.  Our mobile projects are progressing really well and again we have refurbished and reused to create some truly well done art projects.  Some have obviously involved some physical strength and to see and hear the students communicate does my heart good.

Today was bring your child to work day, so Eric Hoover's daughter, Page was a welcome addition in our midst.  She created her own batik and left today with a nice art to wear project.  In our fourth period class that is actually a prep, we have gone from 3 students to an average of 11-12 students happily working on their batik designs.  We even have 3 or 4 who are not taking this art class but we welcome them in our midst.  Two young students bought the wrong size shirts (more like child size) and you can see their surprise when they unrolled the shirts.

I am so lucky to do what I love each day.  As I bought coffee today, the sales clerk said have a nice day at work and I grinned back and said, I surely will!  Thanks to the students and Eric for making my stay so enjoyable.

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