Friday, May 2, 2014

Laurel Highlands Middle School May 2014

So here I am back at one of my all time favorite school districts working with students at Laurel Highlands Middle School.  The scope of our project is quite an enormous one to accomplish in just 10 short days.  With the immediate help of Mike DeFazio (the high school art teacher) we worked on a scale drawing of the mural that will eventually be painted on the gym wall of the school logo, a Mustang.

Now. despite the school colors, this depiction of the Mustang will be painted in a realistic fashion and will serve many purposes.  Not only will it be a huge mural (more than 14 feet long and 10 feet high approximately), it will help students recall school spirit and pride.  On top of that, students will be directly involved in the painting process as well as learning to use their talents to help create this piece.

Here is a sketch of the piece and an idea of how large the wall actually is that the mural will be located on in the gym.  Keep in mind, I have just now learned how to use a Lift (cherry picker) and my excitement of this accomplishment alone is immense.  After much debate, the wall location was finally selected!  Mr. DeFazio and some of his students will also hep with the project.  Ms. Wilson, the middle school art teacher has also arranged for a second lift to arrive and she is taking a day to paint also!  Mrs. Crutchman who initiated this project will somehow manage students on another project I have started so we do not get too crowded in our work space.

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