Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Passion versus Selling

It finally occurred to me why I have loved the works of Vincent Van Gogh my whole life.  He displays such a strength of character because in his prolific career he only sold one piece.  Short of letting this discourage him, he continues on with painting what he loves and showing his intrinsic message of showing his passions for the life around him.  Although he later commits suicide he shows a genuine regard and love for the simple things he paints with such strength and vivid color and line.  His passion can be viewed simply by his brushstrokes and evoking the rhythm and life he works so hard on recreating.  He strives to show how he feels on the inside as a visual communication to anyone and everyone who is viewing his work.  He is never ashamed to show his emotions.

For those of us lucky enough to do what we love for a living, may we flounder forward!  I will never regret my decisions to create, publish and work towards communicating through art!

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