Monday, September 28, 2009

Rainy Monday

It is a rainy day in Johnstown but the weather did not subdue the exuberant mood of our class. Welcome hugs greet all of us to our second day of the residency. It is as if we can shed our troubles at the door and for three hours enjoy a day of laughter, art lessons and companionship. We are a family for those hours and like any family banter back and forth and make friends.

Today the main point was to go over the basics of color, composition and design. I spent time at the board confirming basic knowledge about Primary Colors, Secondary and Complimentary Colors. We also worked a little on our writing by composing our own simple Cinquain Poems! Some simple watercolor techniques using wet and dry brush were facilitated. Students learned how to mix colors on paper and palette. Our goal is the process of creating our own works as well as a final result of putting together a group book.

Next week, students will work on their own designs and I will teach them the use of kosher salt and saran wrap as effects in watercolor. It was a good day and I hope to continue in this vein to help build confidence in the artistic abilities of my group.


  1. I was in class today and it was wonderful to spend time talking about color with a great group of people.Thank you Martha for this enjoyable time.

  2. I got off to a rough emotional "start" this year when I found out that my friend, Virginia, had passed away. We will miss her. Prayers for her daughter.