Monday, October 5, 2009

First Monday in October

Our class met today and everyone was a busy, busy painter! Today, students were encouraged to make a sketch, transfer their drawing and learn a little bit about mixing color. Their trays hold primary colors only with warm and cool blues and reds. Smaller pieces of watercolor paper served as experimental areas to try out brush strokes and prospective colors.

My favorite part of the day is when someone, anyone has success with their piece. Also, the unbounded enthusiasm of the class allows for banter and play and true companionship. This is a lovely group of people who can shed their pains and isolation at the door and find friendship and a learning experience.

I am always grateful to be able to teach this class. The response for this class has been wonderful to see. I hope they will continue to attend.


  1. I am delighted to see the wonderful progress that everyone has made in the class too. The room is full of sunny flower paintings and also very unique designs. I had a chance to paint a small "fairy" watercolor birthday card at home on Tues., using the three primary colors with some fairly good success. Thank You Martha for teaching our class. I hope that I can come out of my shell? and feel more creative at class as well. Perhaps I spend too much time alone...Kathie

  2. I think the class feels like coming into a warm family setting. There is much laughter and teasing plus some wonderful progress with the paintings themselves. It is always a lift in my life to be able to facilitate this class:)