Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh Sunny Day

So after some horrendous early winter weather....we had some much needed Sunshine today:) What I loved best about class today was how helpful and kind everyone is in this class. Everyone chips in to help and take care of each other. There is a very positive and giving attitude that prevails.

Chris showed me two cinquaine poems that I thought would be nice to share on the blog:

nurture, evolve
caring, loving, growing
people help serve others

cool, refreshing
cleansing, soothing, quenching
water nourishes body and soul


  1. Hopefully more students will make comments on our progressing residency


    You ask, “Why do I enjoy painting? What is it about painting that appeals to me?”

    For me, painting is more than a simple act of applying paint to a surface. It unfolds in me the relief of pain, anxiety, abandonment and a great sadness which as a result of possessing the human condition of imperfection, has left a permanent mark in me forever.

    I have chosen to discover the freedom and joy that comes from allowing me to reveal a vulnerable human being. One with flaws and yet forgiven for the unrealistic expectations bestowed upon myself by societal pressures that ask more than one person could bear.

    As I have been tossed about by the winds, waves and storms of life in this world, I have discovered that I am not alone even if everyone that assumedly loved me abandons me. The deepest cry of my heart is the longing to be loved and accepted by my fellow humans. And yet, humans can not fulfill this longing.

    As one develops wisdom, we realize the ultimate control over our fate is an illusion. The various avenues that we have taken in our lives to obtain power, wealth, and control have not yielded as anticipated the lasting joy so longed for deeply in our beings.

    My painting reveals my story, my inner emotions to the storms and sunny days as I continue to grow into the person I have been created to be. I do this by loving as best as I am capable, encouraging, and supporting everyone I encounter day by day.

    Come share with me the richness of my life’s journey through the colors, hues, and blending of my palette as I adjust to the broken pieces of my life and discover the freedom, peace and joy that only comes from feeling the pain and ultimately letting go.