Monday, January 25, 2010

Glass and Clay Mosaics at Laurel Highlands

As our work progresses in the mosaic areas, students are learning techniques of mosaic. The first three classes are strictly using the recycled glass and using basic cutting and nipping tools to shape their glass works. The art room has several stations set up with tools to use plus two very nice glass grinders. One aspect of this project that is good for the first three classes is the use of color combinations to suit their original drawings. Often there are changes in use of color from the drawing to the mosaic. Composition becomes key in the success of the pieces as well as careful and calculated placement of glass.

The three advanced classes are using clay in combination with the glass. Because these works are strictly decorative items, we have chosen to skip the bisque process and are simply glazing the greenware pieces. Some students, myself included, have chosen to make all their tile pieces match original drawings. Use of texture, shape and color will make these pieces quite different from the drawings. Again, composition and glaze choices will play a large role in the final success of each piece.

Mr. DeFazio (before my residency commenced) had initiated drawings with the early morning students incorporating graphed drawings that are then distorted. The quality and technique of these pencil drawings is shown on this site to show the diversity of the lessons that Mike initiates in his classes. Critique of the student work is encouraged and the student body is very accepting of this. We have no breaks in our day as our prep period and lunch are filled with students continually working on their pieces. This is just a testament to the enthusiasm the students have for their works!


  1. The mosaics are one of my favorite activities so far in art. Hopefully my bird, Leavins, will be proud of his.

  2. Thanks for coming to our school. It is exciting to see new faces and people that are directly involved with our education.
    - Jasmine

  3. I'm glad that your residency is during the mosaic project. You make great suggestions and help us art students with real interest. Thanks for making this project more enjoyable.

  4. We love having you at the high school and your ideas are great!