Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January at Laurel Highlands School

It is another typical drab day here in PA. Most of our beautiful snow has melted off and now is gray and grimy on the sides of the roads. The lack of sunlight makes it feel as if it is afternoon time...almost feels like nap time:)

Here at school the residency day commences at 7 am and ends at 2:30 pm. Typically, I get up at 4:30 am, take the sleepy dogs out and head to Sheetz for a much needed cup of wake up java. The drive is a bit tedious but made easier with a car pool and pick up around Pike Run Country Club. Our arrival here is usually with no apparent daylight.

During the course of the day, while working on our mosaics, we have a total of 6 classes we teach. The first three classes are Art 1 and then others are Advanced Art and then Ceramics/Sculpture. Thumbnail sketches were approved by either Mr. DeFazio or myself and then drawn up on prospective boards.

The glass cutting and tile cutting has involved us with various cutting tools plus two very nice grinders. Usually we have no mishaps with the glass, but we do keep a ready supply of bandaids...just in case. The projects will take several weeks and the dreaded grouting process will be the final part of the mosaics. Most of the classes are about 18 students and a variety of designs have emerged.

The enthusiasm of the student body is always a delight. No one complains and most come in right away, grab their boards and get to work. We really have no free periods in the course of the day as students come in to work extra time on their projects. Most of the mosaics will be finished in time for our art show that will be set up during the musical of Guys and Dolls.

More photos later this week!

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