Saturday, February 6, 2010

We are now experiencing over 31 inches of snow

In my excitement with our two hour early dismissal on Friday due to the upcoming snow, I forgot my camera. My intent was to download more of the finished mosaics but that will have to happen early next week. I must say I am simply amazed at the quality and effort of this student body. There is not one art project that has not turned out really well. I am excited to have the finished pieces put on display for the exhibit that is coming up in March.

On a different note, the snow last night and today has been delightful. For those of us older adults, there has not been such a great snow since about 1974. We spent about 4 hours shoveling our drive and chasing our dogs into huge piles of snow. With the sun finally coming out this afternoon, it was truly a beautiful place to spend a good day. Even an inevitable trip to Wal Mart (or as I fondly call it...Satan's House) was easy enough with no one in the parking lot or store. We got over 31 inches of lovely snow and I will attempt to cross country ski tomorrow.

In the meantime, look forward to our beautiful artwork being on display here on the site and eventually at the school.

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