Saturday, April 10, 2010

Amazing Art at Laurel Highlands High School

Things have been progressing nicely at Laurel Highlands High School. With the variety of classes offered in the art program, we have been creating lots of varied works. Over the past few weeks, the Art I classes had the opportunity to work in wood block prints. The final result was an edition of 6 signed and numbered prints and then monoprints with various ink color experimentation. I missed taking many photos of the work, so take my word that the student work was really good quality.
In the advanced classes, we have been working on our designs for the metal garden works along with Pop Art with food subjects and a variety of paintings have been in progress. The photos show a fair representation of the works in progress and finished works as well. I have set up my metal shop at school where the students have the opportunity to learn a little about welding, grinding, brazing and fabricating. Each student has designed his or her own personal piece along with three large scale metal pieces that will remain at the school permanently.

I will be finishing at the school in the next few weeks and already I find msyelf missing the students and their creative energy and individual personalities. Just thinking about individual students brings a smile to my face and I am grateful as always to have had the opportunity to work at this school!

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