Friday, July 8, 2011

A Busy Day in the Neighborhood

It's already been a busy summer here at Waking Bear Studio.  Progress on the Story Walk for Seven Springs Mountain Resort would not be progressing as nicely without the help of the awesome staff in the carpenter and painter's shop.  Tom Close has been doing some jig saw cutting of some of my pieces.  He does such an incredible job and the support of the staff on my project has been so positive.

Rick and I have been doing the Country Market in Ligonier twice a month and last week was our best Saturday ever!  I am making some new clay creatures and creations and they sold very well and made me smile in the process.  Our new garden stakes proved popular and we even sold some custom design signs.

In the meantime, Moses continues to grow and get more ornery each day.  On Rick's birthday he insisted upon swimming out to Rick's kayak and swam until he was exhausted.  I do love a dog that likes to swim.  It is a joy to have both Foxxy and Moses in our house to keep us on our toes.  Moses keeps trying to eat my clay sponges.

My presentation for SAMA called Finding Your Bliss went over well.  I had a crowd of over 45 people present for that day.  It felt like I did a good job and I am grateful to be finding my bliss on a daily basis.

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