Sunday, July 17, 2011

Paddle Boarding on the Q Dam

Rick surprised me last night with buying a paddle board.  I have seen people doing this in the Cayman's and the beach but never thought to own one.  It is really a cross between an open kayak and surf board.  It comes with a large area to stand or sit and the paddle converts to a kayak paddle or a long single paddle.  I was nervous about my balance not being too wonderful, but at my first attempt found that standing and paddling is great.  It is amazing not only what you can see, but how good this kind of core strength building will be in the long run.

You will see that not only did Rick and I love it, but Ms. Foxxy felt her sea legs too.  She Loves it also!  She swam out to me and was so good letting me put her on the board.  Sitting quietly, she surveyed her new found kingdom.  We had an awesome day with a 14 mile bike ride and two hours sharing the paddle board.  With our sea kayak and board, we are always ready for water in any form:)

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