Thursday, October 25, 2012

Altoona Finishing Up

We finished at Altoona after some pretty intense clay that much of it was from my end as I tried to get pieces dried enough to put in the kiln.  Rick made a wood fire and we kept moving the wet clay sculptures from the top of the stove to a table.  We finally loaded the kiln and did a single fire of the student pieces.  All in all the results were quite good and I was very pleased with the work.

Our last days involved grouting our first smaller works onto the boards for their personal mosaics.  Grouting being such a messy business was even more fun as I chose black grout for their work.  Our last day we took shots of their final clay pieces, ate snacks that I brought and some of the students contributed also.  One wonderful mom made some awesome cookies in the shape of palettes and brushes.  We played a vigorous game of Pictionary charades and headed on our way!

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