Sunday, June 2, 2013

Images and Ideas from Clarion Limestone Elementary School May 2013

Although my final day at CL was last week, the students did end up finishing up their works after I left.  Our principle materials used were all RECYCLED and UPCYCLED to create our art work.  Every student in the school left with a magnet piece on cardboard with the theme of Under the Sea.  We used things like stained glass, buttons, bottle caps, paint, seashells and assorted beads etc.  Most of the students finished their works with fabric paint and then a magnet on the back.

Third graders finished their Dr. Seuss inspired piece and the final result is longer than a work table and about 4 feet high.  It is fun, colorful and certainly whimsical!  Every fish is a unique and diverse part of the piece, just like the students themselves.

Fifth graders did a Godzilla inspired piece along with keeping with our recycled books which included our theme of Reading, Writing and Art.  I have been personally inspired to work on incorporating more recycled elements in my own work.  It is not difficult to make something beautiful out of something that might get thrown away!

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