Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some Aha Moments

Aside from working with my core group of 5th graders we are also making a project with the 3rd graders based on several Dr. Seuss stories.  Our goal in using only recycled elements has been both appealing and exciting for the students.  Their unbridled enthusiasm is so refreshing and actually helps energize both Ms. Huwar and myself.

With the 5th graders, we have broken down on occasion into teams to brainstorm and start our projects.  One "leader" of the group approached me and commented "  I don't know how you teachers do one listens and that is frustrating."  I laughed and told him calmly to just keep trying and that eventually communication would prevail.

So, far we have a beach scene using books as the base and a variety of elements to create their scene.  We also have some wonderful trees emerging made from papertowel holders and another group making a sand castle with undersea creatures.  We have also written some poems about recycling and nature that will be in our book format.

We have so much to get accomplished this week but it will not be impossible......the art room looks like an art room for sure!

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