Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Back at Greater Latrobe High School February 2014

I am happily back at Latrobe High School for a quick 5 day painting residency with Lydia Mack.  This may well be my last year at the school with our move to North Carolina.  As always it is such a pleasure to be at this school.

Per our usual format, we are working with Impressionist styles and concentrating on the following:

!)  Composition
2)  Color
3)  Brush strokes and rhythm
4)  Color Mixing

We initially start with a line drawing or painting using either ultramarine blue or phythalo blue.  Students are encouraged to not replicate the piece but to choose a section of the painting to enlarge and make their own.  We stress the use of lights and whites to help create the illusion of space and dimension.  The primary goal is to get the students to become aware of the use of positive and negative space as well as the use of composition to create a viable piece of artwork.

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