Friday, February 21, 2014

What kind of Impact do we have?

What sort of impact will we have on the younger generation?  We see them texting, using twitter and rarely looking at us in the eyes or having a face to face conversation.  When I am working with these students, I am working hard at establishing a connection or communication.  It is the blank canvas, an Impressionist masterpiece, paint and the students.  Each one is challenged to learnt to mix colors, look at composition and above all learn that a blank piece of canvas can tell a story with visual language.  It shows emotion through color and texture and brush strokes.  A painting can create a story that each of us can interpret differently.  It goes beyond language and each panting tells a little about the artist themselves.

Beyond our age of technology in a school like Greater Latrobe is the Center for Creativity.  This place is beyond just the classroom, having been created as a community space to share ideas, ideals and to reiterate every day the importance of the arts in every day living and beyond.  This place is a gem in a school full of gems,  Take a look at the art collection, the caliber of teachers in this high school and the fact that community endowment still perceives that the arts must come alive for students and faculty alike.

I saw a student smiling today as she mixed a color that suited her painting.  She told me that she was finally having fun with her piece.  We held it up, put is on an easel and looked at it side by side.  She grinned noticeably and told me she was pretty happy with her piece so far.  For that moment, the colors on the canvas held a life of their own and established a connection between us where words, texting and language were not important and yet.....we still communicated emotion and a story.

So, impact really is important when we can guide towards a positive experience.  Perhaps it is just as simple as generating a little better self-esteem.  Maybe it is just a moment where a story is told through music, theater or a piece of fine art.

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