Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lovely Spring

I am signing in after a miserable couple of weeks of more cold weather and snow to finally some great weather. Today was sunny and warm and the early morning song birds seemed positively gleeful with the spring weather. Rick and I have been putting on many long hours and finished a great piece last night around midnight. I am thrilled with what we created and we are at long last going to keep a piece of our own for the house.

The students and Laurel Highlands and IUP seem to be catching some of the spring fever too. At IUP we have been working on a mosaic too and I fired some clay pieces which will be included in that work. Laurel Highlands students have been busy with wood block prints and designs for their metal pieces. I am looking forward to setting up my metal shop with them and also putting together their pieces. Hopefully the spring weather will give us plenty of time and good weather to be outside.

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