Thursday, March 25, 2010

Progress at IUP

This past week at IUP found us doing a variety of things. As part of the class, the students read different articles each week basically talking about the benefits the arts can have in any class room. This week, the article was about working with physically and mentally challenged students and how to make them feel as if they belong and how to work around their own challenges.

Dr. Purnell brought in a "game" called Bendaroos as a way to create pictures that someone who was blind would be able to feel the artwork. The irony of this was that in teams of two, the students all created images having to do with water, boats, fish and even a sea turtle. After this activity, we got out our tools, glass and clay mosaic pieces to finish creating our large group piece.

As you can tell by the images, the women in this class chose the image of a tree, books, stars, roots and wind. We have created a "key" to show the representation and symbolism of each of the pieces we chose. We spent the morning putting the piece together, learning how to cut glass and working as a team. The pieces came home with me so I can grout them for next week. We will be doing a presentation of this work in the Dean of Education's Office on April the 7th, 2010.
Tree of the Eleven Strong

Clay= from the earth, grounded
Glass= window, transparency
Rocks= stability, strength
Tree= life, connection
Roots= foundation, thirsty
Brances= outreach
Leaves= change, transformation, growth
Books= knowledge, literacy, wisdom
Wind= change, flow, free spirit
Stars= diversity, guidance, light, hope
Dove= peace, flight, independence
Spirals= peace, harmony
Brown= earthly
White= purity, innocence
Red= passion, strength
Yellow= joy, optimism
Green= youth, vigor
Blue= life, femininity
Purple= wisdom

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