Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finishing at C-L Elementary

I have finished at C-L Elementary and feel inspired after working at and for such a great elementary school.  My last few minutes at the school as the students left to catch their was a great way to end my time there with lots of hugs and good wishes for a great summer.  To say we got a lot done on the last day is frankly an understatement.  We finished the last kiln load that morning, grouted all the landscape pieces for the tree pieces, cleaned up the glass and finished the Chinese Dragon too.  All the classes helped in numerous ways from helping us grout, clean up work, cleaning glass with tooth brushes and cleaning a room that looked as if a tornado had struck!

At one point, Dr. Wolf came into the room dressed for work and I warned her about the condition of the room.  What room would not be a disaster when 9 tables are covered with glass, mosaic boards and grout!  How about having 24 eager fourth graders helping in the process?  I suggested that the principal might want to come back after the room had some serious cleaning.

Our designs really came out well and I hope that my additions of the metal sun and moon will be a good match for the work already there.  I felt reluctant to leave because the energy level was so infectious and invigorating.  I truly hope this is a school where I can return......

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