Monday, May 16, 2011

The Work Progresses at C-L Elementary School

I am feeling like an old hand calling Clarion-Limestone....C-L Elementary!  For such a small school they certainly come up with some ingenious programs included in their classrooms.  Liz and I had a busy day but also had time to take a real look at The Living Wax Museum.  This is where the fifth grade students chose a person to study in terms of a biography.  The students then wrote about this person, dressed up as them, had portraits drawn and historical information about this person.  Observers would then stand in front of a child and that child would recite all the information they knew about their person.  The kids were super excited and did a great job with information and also handled themselves well when the rest of the school came to see them also.  I took photos but I want to wait to make sure I can post them on this site without any privacy issues.

We finished glazing works, painted with K, made clay pockets with 6th graders and worked hard as usual.  Liz bought wood for the mosaic over the weekend and we sanded and prepped pieces for the next few days work.  I am excited about the after school programs on Wednesday and Thursday.....should be lots of fun!

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