Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Language Arts with 5th graders at Longer Elementary

Today we spent in starting on the mosaics, cutting glass, unloading the kiln, loading the kiln and passing out small personal tile pieces.  If I were to do things differently it would be to have more than one day with each class to have time to perfect their tiles and glaze their works.  Since that is not the case, we will work with what we have and rely on good teamwork to make our mosaics a success.

Fifth grade students today worked with me on a Language Arts assignment I love with Cinquain poems from their hearts.  Posting a few indicates the extent to which a child realizes the importance of the Arts on a higher level than we know on the surface.

wet, messy
painting, imagining, coloring
having fun on paper

sticky, wet
bonding, gluing, scratching
makes all clay stick

abstract, original
wrting, sculpting, drawing
anything you can imagine

runny, colorful
painting, drawing, doodling
making wonderful paintings of people

colorful, wet
creating, making, drawing
makes you imagine things

"art helps me express my thoughts and feeling....without it I would not know how to express myself."

"art is important to me because it lets me express myself.  Art is important to me because there are no rules.  Art is important to me because it helps me learn."

"art is important to me because it makes you smart.  Art also teaches you history from way back when.  You can be creative with art.  You can use real life experiences in art."

"art is important to me because it gives you video games for me to play.  art gives me tv for me to watch and enjoy.  Last, art gives me art class for me to make art."

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