Friday, February 22, 2013

Macbeth Scarey and Violent

My own knowledge of Macbeth is more limited in terms of what I know of other Shakespeare plays.  This one is confusing with lots of manipulative characters whose main goal is: Power.  Along with this search and need for Power, comes Greed and Corruption and vicious violence that is shocking even in today's age.

The redemption of this project is certainly the eagerness of the students to create a mural that depicts so much decay of character without all the blood and gore that it could have represented.  Instead, we chose to see the witches as ambiguous forms surrounding a boiling brew of green while Lady Macbeth's hands silently twirl a snake in her hands.  Where the lightning strikes it literally rains blood, a prolific symbol of the violence that guts this play.

I am most impressed by the work ethic these students have exhibited.  Even after a near disaster of red paint spilled on the floor, there is a pallatable pride when they come to peer at the progress of the piece.  My sincere hope is these paintings will inspire any reader of Shakespeare to envision these plays in their imaginations.  Hopefully these images will help upcoming students to gain a greater understanding of the Shakespeare vision.

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