Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sophmore class Hamlet Based Poems

I am already working with the 10th graders and the play we are basing our mural on is Hamlet.  With some brief brainstorming we have selected the images and symbols we think best epitomize what will then become our painting.  Such good cooperation and ideas have emerged quickly so our drawing on the canvas is started.  One nice aspect about this class is they have already created their own book jackets so some of our ideas have been based on these ideas also.  I also did a quick writing assignment to help with the concepts we are working on conveying.

Young, Naïve
Singing, Dancing, Loving
Always obeys her father
Young Lover

Gloomy, Grey
Invigorating, Mourning, Devastating
It’s a death palace

Loyal, Trustworthy
Helping, Watching, Telling
Always aware of what’s happening

Smart, Popular
Mourning, Planning, Murdering
To be or not to be
Vengeful son

Purple, Sweet
Growing, Waving, Changing
Withered when my father died

Valuable, Power
Worshipping, Leading,, Corrupting
The king of nothing

 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Snakes, Sponges
Serving, Lying, Traveling
Trust as adders fanged
Hamlet’s old friends

Intelligent, Angry
Loving, Mourning, Cunning
Revenge his father’s death

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