Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Last day at Latrobe High School

This 10 day residency at Greater Latrobe High School was sponsored by the McFeely-Rogers Foundation and also The Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art.  I am happy to say I think this is my 6th year with this painting project.

The outcome is difficult to assess as the students had not finished their works on my last day.  I am always excited though to see the quick progress and the pride and enthusiasm of the students.  I had too many to count who would have happily painted all day in the art room.

One set of boys selected a most difficult piece to render using the old Rock, Paper, Scissors approach.  I also overhead them saying it would be an easy pieces because "it is just a bunch of brush strokes....:"  It was fun to see them struggle and after much effort finally realizing how difficult the piece actually was to copy.

Others found that working beside a partner can be inspiring and a help with ideas on color mixing and compositions.  Daily I made my own efforts to get through the classroom and offer constructive insight on how to progress on their pieces.  I will be thrilled to see the final results of these pieces.

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