Saturday, January 31, 2015

Always here

I dreamt of that morning
our sharing of steaming cups of coffee
serious chatter about our gratefulness
for our friends here and in PA
a playdate brought up
time at our beach
dogs running free in the sparkle of the sea

no ordinary day
as a distraught beaver floundered in the waves
no animal control felt him a worthy save
so we gathered with people we did not know
striving for a solution to save the beaver
I did not know the beaver had come
to take Rick to his next greatest place

Only moments after Rick took the photo of the beaver
a hasty post on facebook
our solution to capture this creature and release him in our pond
In just a few moments that all changed
Rick with net in hand
turned to me and I knew something was wrong
He said....I think I just got scared for a moment
When he crumbled to the sand
I knew then he was gone
A moment later
I don't know why
I looked for the beaver and he too was gone

Today on the beach
Moses sat in the spot where I feel Rick was
he was motionless
then touched his nose to an olive shell hidden amongst oyster shells
I felt compelled to pick up what he had found
Moses rested there for a moment
sniffed the wind
touched my hand with cold nose
Each of us breathing in that feeling
that Rick was walking beside us all day

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