Saturday, January 31, 2015


Pennsyvania cold, that chill to the bone
and I ache for so many other reasons
Tears come listening to a song on the radio
or just looking at the Plasma table I do not know how to run
I am surrounded by love and strength and prayer
I touch my heart and remind myself it must be enough
Riding in the car with his twin is something I am grateful for
this trip back to where I grew up
just a reminder that my only family is my brother in law
widower to my sister and their children
nothing seems to bind me here
It is like visiting a forgotten dreaam
My shell seeker is with me
I can feel him close and whispering that I will be okay
Holding onto just that is what can get me through an endless minute
I feel like a puzzle, torn apart and missing so many pieces
Shell seeker will have to help me figure out how to put myself together again
I will welcome his breath offered by the ocean breeze

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