Friday, July 24, 2015


My neighbor Ella
nicknamed "Monk"
let me send her a text the other day
Girl, she says, are you okay?
You seem like your going a little crazy
I asked her
Can you fix me?
Well, she said
I can certainly fix your hair
So I sat down in her kitchen
while she got out her cutting scissors
highly decorated in a Zebra pattern
She teaches cosmetology at Cape Fear College
Boy, she says, I been dying to cut your hair
You sit yourself down and let's see what I can fix
I asked her, how do you fix yourself when you feel so bad inside
she thinks for a moment
Well, I mostly sits myself down and watches movies
on Netflix til that bad feeling go away
I tell her, I think I might need about a week of constant TV
She says, you got your work honey
making and creating
Take those memories, turn them into something real pretty
You'll feel better if you do
There she says with a grin
I just took 10 years off and you look cute
To my surprise, she has taken most of my hair off
I feel a little like a pixie
and I do feel better
She says, reach out to others
help where you can
Life will get better
and remember I bet this is the first time you EVER
got your hairs cut by a black woman
I laugh and say, that is the truth
Closing the door to her house
I may have just made a friend

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