Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Weathering storms

Navigating the storms
ones inside and out
sometimes it is just waiting it out
rain falling like the tears that stain my face
seeing the replenishment and the grass growing green 
almost immediately
after being brittle as straw
some days my heart and head are strong
I feel resilient like the captain is at my side
other days, the dogs remind me to feed them
and I think of feeding my self in soul first
body not as important
Even on my paddle board
I look for the resting places
where the board holds still
I remember how to breath
and then my paddle comes down
dipping into the green waters
pushing me forward
sometimes with the extra weight
of the Mighty Mo or Indigo
and I think
I can do this
There is tangible love and support around me
I too am able to reciprocate what I am receiving
this is living
breath to breath
storm to storm
moment to moment
tiny triumphs
like looking at the stars
or taking the outdoor shower under an array of lightning bugs
all infused with the Love that will always
always, always show itself in strength and peace

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