Sunday, July 19, 2015

Vincent Van Gogh

Pretty soon
another star will either shine like no other
or fade until we forget it existed at all
which star would you be?
the one we see constantly and recognize
for its brightness in the sky
or the one we wish we had noticed more
because suddenly it is no longer apparent in the sky
do we remember it for its color and brilliance
or just the fact that we miss it for not being there anymore?
My star I hold in my secret place in my heart
he shines with a strong flame
without his light, I might be lost and floundering
his heart, although not physically strong
has a light and power that nothing can put out
I have daily reminders that he is with me
and also with his children
subtle ways to show his spirit is strong
guiding us when we might feel misdirected
I am grateful when he points out the obvious
and even more so when he sends me on a treasure hunt
to discover I knew how to do it all along
I miss you with all my heart and soul
Love, such a difficult word to encompass
although words are not enough
Acceptance for our human frailties covers most of it

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