Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Corolla North Carolina and Ocracoke Island

Rick and I took a much needed vacation this past week to Corolla and also to Ocracoke Island. We have had amazing luck in having our friends Mary Kaye and Denny Umberger who live permanently in Corolla as they open their house to us at least once a year. This year found us driving in the beginning of May.

Unfortunate circumstances started before our trip in the loss of our much beloved mastiff, Eeyore. Our only positive part of losing him was the reality that we had him for 8 and half wonderful years and he died at the great age of 14.5 years. He remained in our minds and will continue so as we still have Foxxy who reminds us of his loss in our home. We made up our hearts though that leaving Foxxy at home would be another sorrow for us and maybe her also.

We made it to Corolla early Saturday am, took a walk on the beach and slept in an exhausted state for the day. Mary Kaye convinced us that good eating, lots of walking on the beach and good stories would make us all feel better.....and it did. I think this was one of the best vacations as we did not have to worry about anyone at home or worry about the dogs.

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