Friday, January 16, 2009

It's warm where they are!

Here are a few of the pieces going to Julia's Arts on Matlacha, Florida!

The Art Nite takes place on the island starting February 13th, 14th and 15th. All the galleries on the island have entertainment, food stuff and are open to the public. It is a blast! This year, I will get to be there with my sister and my adorable mom too.

Julia's Arts is a really cool gallery that specializes in really unique artwork. They even have artists in residence....check out their website and schedule.

Another cool gallery is across the road and is run by wild and eccentric Leoma Lovegrove. Her paintings make you want to run through paint brushes full of color.

Since I am sharing galleries.... here is another cool site that carries my watercolors and translates them into needlepoint canvases! Check out Amanda Lawford Artworks! You can locate my designs by going to "Featured Artists"!

Wow, I am on a roll. Here are three more you should checkout that carry either my Metal Work or Watercolors:


  1. Hi Martha,
    I signed on as one of your followers. I'm an etsyian, too. I love your blog and your art. Wish you'd visit and comment on mine.

  2. Hi Claire:
    My husband and I really enjoyed looking at your Etsy site and blog. I think my favorite saint is St.Francis of Assis because I love animals like they are my family. This world right now is a very unpredictable place. I do believe though that we are given what we need...when we need it. Faith is intangible but ever present when we are quiet and wait for it to surround us again.

    I think your altars are a wonderful way for people to take special items and to be able to view them, remember the pain and joy with each object. I think your concept is full of heart and unique. Keep dreaming and realize that we are all especially!