Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Sponges are Thirsty!

Okay, here is an expression via Mr. King that I absolutely love! Some days in a residency you find that the students are particularly needy of your attention....nothing wrong with that, but the expression....THE SPONGES ARE THIRSTY is a great way to explain that.

Anyway, we are on day 8 and experimenting with various watercolor techniques and some fun and always successful paper weaving of their paintings. I think this little exercise is very free and an activity where failure is never an option. I had collected a bunch of mat board last year and we mounted some finished pieces on mat board to give a better look for the artwork.

This year's residency has been full of bad weather but never bad attitudes. We started with 24 students and finished with 22 students. Usually the numbers drop by half so I am pleased so many remained for the 10 days. Several students were working on art portfolio's for applications for art school. Mr. King and I gave extra advice and help to those students. All in all, this was a great group with some really wonderful pieces to show for their hard work. Thanks as always to the Altoona School District for providing another wonderful After School Arts Program:)

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