Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just turned 44 and my first time blogging

It is the coldest night so far of this year at negative 10 degrees. I have been working on a watercolor and spent most of the day getting pieces ready for my Florida Show at Julia's Arts. Currently, I am also in a residency at Altoona After School Arts where VOILA....I am teaching 23 high school students the art of watercolor! It was so cold and windy today that I did not make the trek to Altoona and will simply add another day for the residency before I leave for Florida.

My goal in Florida is to work out some ideas for my dog book affectionately called "Paws". Other art ideas in the works include some figure pieces in clay that are both decorative and functional. For right now though, I will just concentrate on Martha's Manic Mermaids made from Metal! I will post some images of them here a little later after I get their last finish coat sprayed.

Thanks for visiting the blog....I will work on posting something as often as I can.


  1. good luck and have fun with the blog

  2. Welcome to blogging. I`m relatively new too(started about a month ago.

  3. What lovely work you have. I hope you achieve your goal :)

  4. Happy Birthday and a great start to a blog!

  5. Hey Martha,
    How cool are you blogging your artsy life for all of to enjoy ! Gorgeous watercolor ~ love the set up.
    Sure wish I'd been ordering madly but this lull shall pass. Don't ever stop the mermaid madness!
    Come visit!!!
    Blue Mangrove Gallery

  6. You've done a really nice job with your blog, especially since you haven't been doing it long!

  7. beautiful.. you have started a great blog.. I will be back to see more soon :)

  8. found your blog from etsy- good luck with blogging , you will love it I do!