Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Residency for Altoona After School Arts

I think this is my 7th year to teach a residency for Altoona After School Arts! Each year, the number of students varies but it is always a great learning and teaching experience for me and also the student body. This year we have 23 budding watercolorists staying after school to participate in the program. It is always such an enjoyment for me because returning students come back and new ones join the program.

The first few days we concentrate on simple watercolor techniques and go over basic principles of color, composition and design. Starting assignments combine efforts of the students to choose a well known artist who inspires and intrigues them. They are then asked to do a copy sketch and to make their best effort to make the master copy into a watercolor. This basic exercise helps them learn to make their own colors, combine efforts to do a good drawing and to understand the skill level founded in great paintings.

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