Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Practice, Practice and Yes....More Practice

It is day five of our ten day residency. Ipods are allowed in the room as I feel that a certain level of relaxation is a must in creating art. I do encourage students to turn them down based on deafness ratios:)

After some basic practice, each student is encouraged to find their creative outlet in this class. After our initial copies of some masters works, the class is now allowed to work on an individual and personal piece. My job has been now to sit with students individually and to show them different painting styles and new approaches where they may be having difficulty.

"Art is an expression of feeling. I like to express my feelings in this way."

"Art means to express oneself emotionally. It also allows the mind to concentrate and imagine new possibilities."

"Art inspires me because you have endless possibilities of creativity, imagination and wonder that comes from within."

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  1. What a great piece. I'm a self taught decorative artist, but know the value of practice, practice, practice.